Sunday, March 5, 2017

Curses and the Knight of Cups

I've been mulling over the binding spell floating around the web. Lots of discussion - critiquing the spell, critiquing binding or cursing in general. I didn't perform it or any magic relating to Trump . I have my own critiques, but, in the end, I wasn't particularly inspired by the spell as written.

I did pull a card to get input on the idea of doing the spell. My answer: Knight of Cups.

Knights are doers; they take action. But of all the Knights, this one doesn't have a weapon. No sword or club. Not even a pentacle to use as shield. And that cup, he is holding - a drink? The healing powers of the grail? The magic of a chalice? Or even a kala cup, ready to do the magic of unbinding himself?

I am thinking about the power of water to heal, to cleanse, and the power of rivers and tides to banish. Perhaps the magic to do combines all there. I'm less inclined to constrain him, but to banish him.

I'm not sure what spell I might engage with or if I will synch up with the magic dates posted for the binding spell. But I want him out of office, his policies gone and healing brought to the country. I'm interested in healing the corruption, hate, and chaos magically as well as through regular political channels.

Perhaps Trumps needs to be bound. But he also needs to be banished. There are many deep curses woven into the energy body of our culture: sexism, racism, heterosexism, transphobia, xenophobia, greed, and more things than I can count. These curses need to be unraveled, through action and magic.  More magic than one magician can do. But I can do what I can, with what I have, and do it where I am.

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