Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A good basis for magic

Let's talk a fictional new magician we'll call Allen. He is some kind of badass computer program who has given a Ted Talk and is high profile and amazing. And that cool start up he was working on, just went bust, not due to his awesome code, but because of some financial issue. So he does a magic for new job offers. And if a few days or weeks (and as news of the demise of the start up is leaked), he gets numerous offers for employment, each one interesting and lucrative. He talks to a few people and goes with the best fit.

Now let's talk about a fictional new magician Brian. He's a 19 year high school drop out, who has spent the last 18 months smoking poke and jerking off to porn in his parent's basement. He does magic for new job offers. And in the next day or two, his mom brings up an application to the local McDonald's that's hiring and his friend mentions that the local pizza place is hiring. He sucks it up and applies for both of them.

Now you can say that Allen didn't need magic. Given all this skills and hard work, he would have gotten those offers anyway. And you can say that magic didn't really do anything. And you can say that Brian's magic didn't work or didn't due much either.

What's interesting about both those cases is the foundation of the magic cast is extremely different. Allen doesn't really need the help. Brian little in the way of opportunities that allow magic to manifest.  Now you may be asking yourself, what's the point of this little thought experiment?

Just this, there is the underlying foundation of the situation when we cast magic. It can be so good that magic seems unnecessary or it can be so difficult the spell can't manifest. And the way a magician should handle these situations are very different. Allen should be working for something bigger than just a new job offer, to take advantage of everything he has done and really go from something bigger (if that is what he wants). Brian, well, needs to develop some real world skills that will allow him to have more opportunities, more potential, more options for that magic to be manifest in the world.

The wise magician takes a frank assessment of the situation. Is magic really needed here? What are the possibilities around me that I can take advantage up magically and practically?

Finally, not all parts of a situation are equal. Some parts of your situation are more fluid - more susceptible to magical influence - than others. Apply your magic wisely.

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