Monday, October 25, 2010

Recalling Your Dreams

You will need:

1) Journal and pen or tape recorder
2) Time in the morning to write down your dream immediately after waking.


Upon waking in the morning, spend some time jotting down your first thoughts, any images or dream fragments. Give yourself enough time to make to jot things down as they come to you.

Repeat daily.


Simple, right? But that doesn’t mean it is easy. I have found that my biggest obstacle to dream recall are my habits. Chiefly, the habit of dismissing the information I retain from my dreams. My habits to sleep in as long as I can and jump into the shower and start my day in rush.
Which isn’t to say that I haven’t had some success. I did, this past weekend. I was able to recall and jot down a dream fragment.

At first I was little disappointed with my result. It was nothing that long and was clearly “day residue” (meaning the dream incorporated images from my day). I felt disappointed. I wanted excitement and drama and it was fairly basic.

Still, working with the theory of dream work that all dreams have several levels and even a fragment or day residue can communicate something deeper, I realized that the dream was communicating unconscious assessment of a friend of mine – namely that I don’t think he was being forthright. A day later, he opened up and my dream’s information was confirmed.

I don’t think the dream was psychic in the sense of it being prescient. Instead, I think that the dream reflected back to me on level unaware of. It was psychic in the way that it connected me to my instincts and the deeper feelings that exist below my waking consciousness. Powerful stuff!

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