Saturday, May 28, 2011

Drive by

Thorn writes about the plurality in the way of being pagan.

Deb writes that we're not priests/esses and that's okay.

Lupa writes about integrating shamanism with one's career.

All important posts.

It makes sense that we all want to be seen as skilled or gifted in our spiritual work. I certainly like validation as much as the next guy. At the same time, that leads to bizarre competition and the claiming of skills falsely.

Rather than compete with other magical folks, let's try bringing our magic out into our daily world. Weave blessings around the bus drivers that waited for you when he or she saw you running to catch the bus. Conjure prosperity for the small business that you love. Use divination to generate creative solutions for problems facing you at work.

It's not about being the biggest witch at the festival or in your coven. It's doing magic for yourself and those you care about. Every kitchen witch worth his or her salt knows how to put magic in to food, into the act of cleaning a home or into hand-made art or craft. We can do that at our day jobs too. We may need to be subtle about it or perhaps we're lucky enough to be able to do it overtly, but infuse your life with magic. It doesn't matter whether you're a grand high muckity muck. Just live a good life.

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