Thursday, November 4, 2010

Timing is powerful stuff.

There was a full-moon on New Year's this past year. I had dinner with a group of mostly witchy friends and went to a party hosted by a friend of a friend. The party was mostly not magical type folk. In fact, there were several beefy fireman at the party (the host was a firefighter).

My friend C., because she has this kind of effect on people, led us all through a simple candle burning where we lit candles and made a wish for the new year and let them burn out. I didn't really need to magic, but watching C. round up all these fire man and get them to candle magic was very cute and I wasn't going to break her momentum.

So what I did I light a candle on? I decided to travel. And boy, I have traveled this year. I'm just back from Dallas and ending for another weekend away. I will be going to Kansas City in a few weeks and then Boston and New York in few months. It's amazing the power of timing. Sometimes the possibilities are listening!

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