Friday, July 9, 2010

Fine tuning spell work...

Awhile back, Gordon suggested that people do some frivolous magic. I thought that sounded like fun and, despite my earlier lack of luck with sigils, I decided to try them again and did so for fun. My goal was to do a little magical work to run across a casual acquaintance. (Ok, so he's hot and eye candy on my commute. Don't judge me!)

I created a sigil and charged it up with energy. No luck. So I tried again and spent more time on the sigil, making and investing it with power with some light hand-drumming. So far, I'm batting about zero.

This has prompted me to write about how to fine tune spell work.

First, I'm getting some success with this. While my working is specific to riding the same bus, I do see him around the downtown area that I work in (each time was the a day or two after do the sigil). I take this as a sign the magic is sort of working, but lacking juice. It's also a confirmation that he is still making the same commute.

I also noticed about my approached is my lack of any personal concerns. Not a hair, not a picture, heck I don't even know this guy's full name. Just that he takes bus on my commute sometimes. There is no solid magical link. And honestly, this is why I went the sigil route in the first place as opposed to my normal practice. My link with this guy is pretty non-existant by folk magic standards.

So I did some divination on this spell working. The reading mostly just confirmed what I already knew. Things are stuck where they are and my attempts so far are lacking in the juice to switch things up (but are having a water-downed effect). I also asked about different attempts and got a green light. Basically, I'm going to try to overcome the weak link by doing more work. Because the link is weak, I'm going to have to raise more mojo.

I know the whole thing is pretty silly, but it has become an issue of pride with me. It's so simple and basic, I should be able to make this happen. I will keep you informed!


  1. Perhaps he has just changed his commute because he's moved flats or something? Have you considered widening out your points of potential contact beyond getting to and from work?

    I love commuting eye candy. Makes the whole experience that much more bearable.

  2. There is a big precedent for that in Arabian sorcery, though magical links do play a part, all you really needed was a name and the names of some of the targets relations to zero in, and then you just keep working, and working, and working. Very much a "Rain dance is over when it starts to actually rain" sort of thing.

    Since you see him locally, you could also make offerings to the spirit of the city, or try to work some mojo using the public transportation system itself, as you both take it.

  3. with these type of workings where you are working a cold approach, i suggest boosting up the chances of synchronicity happening or did you try using some candle magick to boost up your workings.

  4. Perhaps you should try investing your effort with more "traditional" sigil magick, as opposed to the approach that essentially cropped up in the new millennium. While I sometimes rant against just charging sigils, I do see the value in that method, but I find charging sigils versus repressing sigils work for different ends.

    In your case I'd be repressing all the way, because repressed sigils are better at creating an event, a one off thing. A charged sigil works better for something sustained, like a healing or protection goal.

    If you're unfamiliar with the "trad" method, send me a message, and I'll explain, or get a copy (ecopy, physical would be prohibitively expensive) of Spare's Book of Pleasure.

  5. Also, I forgot to mention, with the sigils in the "traditional" sense and the way they work, you don't need any other link to the eye candy. You can phrase/understand it as simple as that, no more connection is required.

  6. I think ignoring the chances to get more information about him when you see him locally are denying the power of your magic.

    If you see him around, you could approach him and say, "Haven't I seen you somewhere? Do you ride the same bus as me? My name is Amwac, whats yours?"

    From there you have a name, and a chance at conversation and so on.

    Maybe you don't see him on the bus because he has found alternate forms of transport: biking, carpooling or so forth.

    Take the chance, talk to him.